While this place remains particularly small at this moment, a very significant change has shaken the core of the wiki. Within this last week, the original founder GTactic decided for whatever reasons he had to lash out against the staff team that stepped in to this wiki during mid-January; despite that he had been allowed to remain in power in spite of his inactivity. With some apprehension, I had to do what was best and impose a ban that is essentially permanent in order to prevent that user from further vandalizing the wiki and harassing the staff team. Just today, it was announced that the user has been officially demoted from all rights positions, which means that the leadership has been turned over to Hurricane Layten and myself.

While we had been doing this from the start, we will continue to work on the source for this wiki and make it a better place overall--one where users can truly express their ideas for whatever weather events they may have in mind.

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