Good evening.

This is my very first time addressing this whole Wiki, in spite of its small population size. Throughout what has been a very short time on this Wiki, I have directed my efforts to this wiki's source code, such as chat scripts, templates, overall wiki theme; just to name a few. Of course, as is the point of any wiki, I also have started my own articles in attempt to create well-constructed articles to convey my creative views with weather; to express my knowledge and experience as a way to satisfy my meteorological tastes, as well as set a guideline for what I would like to see pages look like here--a good read.

As for right now, however, treat this post with the title it bears--and use it to ask me and possibly any other staff, about questions or tips that those in the simple user base may have or like to see done (or if you want to be that guy and contact me personally, post on my message wall. After all, it is almost always that particular base that furthers the drive behind anything to build and be successful.

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