Typhoon Forrest was a very intense storm that affected the Ryuku Islands and China during March and and early April of 2100 its the 6th named system the 2nd Major and Normal Typhoon of 2100

Typhoon Forrest
Category 5 Super Typhoon JTWC/JMA/SSHWS
Forrest-2100 WPac track

Forrest's track
Formed March 15
Dissipated April 1
Highest winds 190
Highest gusts 190
Lowest pressure 890
Damages $800 billion (2100 USD)
Fatalities 15,99
Missing 0
Areas affected Japan (Ryuku Islands), China
Part of the
2100 Pacific typhoon season

Metorlogical History

on March 10 a tropical wave spun and slowly organized on March 15 the wave became tropical depression 06W the storm slowly progressed over the days as the time passed 06W become a tropical storm on the 17th and was named Forrest slowly as it moved north west it became a super typhoon becomming the strongest since Candice earlier in the year the storm weakened quickly before making a category 1 typhoon landfall on March 28 on April 1 after weakening to a depression Forrest was asborbed by a monsoon.


If Forrest is retied or not will be chosen at the end of the year

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