This is where you go to submit your Co-Host or Judge application. The host for this season is:

Hurricane Layten

After you enter your name in the job in want, you can enter your Tornado in the Section below.

  • Co-Host:
  • Judge 1:
  • Judge 2:


  • All events have to be real ones.
  • You have between 1 - 5 entries, of which no same event can be submitted twice.
  • The host of each season will eliminate 2 events every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • You have one vote in each round, and you can not vote for your own entries.
  • No event that has previously won will be allowed for submission again.
  • Events that appear in a Severe Weather Idol season but are eliminated may not be resubmitted for the immediately succeeding season, but can be submitted again in the one afterward (for example, if an event is eliminated from Season 1, it will not be allowed to appear in Severe Weather Idol Season 2, but can reappear in Season 3).


Submissions are to be done in the following format: PLACE, STATE (RATING/YEAR). Example: Albany, GA (EF3/2017) Auditions are currently open

Layten's events

  • Birmingham, UK tornado (F2 tornado/2005)
  • New Orleans, LA (Hurricane Katrina/2005)
  • Storm Doris, UK (EU Windstorm/2017)
  • Birmingham, UK (Severe thunderstorm/2016)
  • Mira, Italy (F4 tornado/2015)

Jarrell's events

  • Mulhall, OK (F4/1999)
  • Pecos County (Bakersfield), TX (F4/1990)
  • Chickasha, OK (EF4/2011)
  • Niles, OH (F5/1985)
  • Red Rock, OK(F4/1991)

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