Name Date Location Desc.
2012 Poteau Tornado July 2, 2012 Poteau, Oklahoma
2012 Tulsa Tornado December 31, 2012 Tulsa, Oklahoma
2014 Torall Tornado May 20, 2014 Torall, Idaho
2014 Rusp Tornado November 8, 2014 Rusp, New York
2016 Epixston-Calibur Tornado February 27, 2016 Epixston, Wyoming and Calibur, Idaho
2016 Epixston Tornado February 27, 2016 Epixston, Wyoming
2016 Orean Tornado June 20, 2016 Orean, Nebraska
2016 Jupeyville-Galveston Tornado September 1, 2016 Jupeyville and Galveston, Texas

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