1835 Pappenheim tornado
F5 tornado
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Date October 4, 1835
Times Unknown
Touchdown location Unknown
Injuries Unknown
Fatalities 2 known
Damage Unknown, most of town destroyed
Areas affected Unknown, except Pappenheim
Part of the
1835 tornado season

The 1835 Pappenheim tornado was an exceptionally violent tornado that hit the town on October 4, 1835, causing 2 fatalities. Not much is known about this tornado, but enough evidence exists to give it an F5 rating, although this is disputed because of the lack of evidence.


An analysis was conducted into the tornado in 2066 in order to determine a rating for the tornado when it was discovered by meteorologists checking over older data for the European Severe Storm Laboratory. The report indicated that 2 farms were completely obliterated, leaving no evidence of its existence behind, and based on a headline in a newspaper the following morning after the tornado, "Utter devastation as town is wiped from map", an F5 rating was applied for this tornado, respectively.

Not much is known about the event, so it is hard to give times for specific events during the tornado, so not many specifics can be given as a result.